Mommy & me matching outfit - Blush and grey

Today we are reversed matching! Mason is in grey with a splash of blush and I'm in blush with a splash of grey... So I would say we are complementing each other!

Mason is eating candies! Shhhhh don't tell anyone I know it's not really good but I can't help it. I eat them all the time too...

I got Mason's clothes pretty recently but this time they're sized so big that he's kind of lost in them. I've never been a fan of baggy clothes but I'm sure they'll fit perfectly soon since this kid is growing like a weed!

Walking together while holding his hand is probably one of the best feelings ever. I thought this would never happen since I had to fight him so much to accept it. Now he even is the one asking to hold my hand, and every time he does it warms my heart so much!

But of course most of the time he's a wild monster running away from me and doing silly stuff. And he usually goes where he's not allowed!

I'm wearing my new jewels from Rocksbox. I never get tired of the little surprise effect each time I receive my new box. Don't forget you can still use the code myloveandbeyondxoxo to get your first month's membership for free. Simply go to Rocksbox to use it.

They sent me the perfect little diamonds to mix and match with my wardrobe. Perfect match with this new dress I just got and that I absolutely love. Blush is one of my favorite colors and the lace top makes it look just so pretty.