Our visit to Joshua Tree National Park

On our second day in Palm Springs, we went to Joshua Tree National Park. I did some research before our trip and I definitely heard and read many good things about it so I absolutely wanted to go there.

I wasn't disappointed at all it was even more beautiful than what I pictured!

We wanted to go on the Hidden Valley hike at first but the rangers at the park entrance told us that it would be difficult with Mason. I would have not cared if I had thought about bringing our baby carrier but we just don't use it anymore so I totally forgot. Never mind it - we followed their advice and went to Cap Rock which is totally flat and perfect for a wild crazy toddler...

Mason was super happy after our drive to be able to run freely and go crazy. We all had a very rough night so he was very cranky that day. He didn't even really sleep in the car and was very impatient to arrive wherever we were going...

I played hide and seek and as you can probably tell I'm pretty bad at it! I mean hiding behind a desert bush isn't the easiest, it was pretty obvious that I was there...

 Mason still loved it and played along...

Walking with him while holding his hand and teaching him some stuff while he actually listened and look around with me was such a great feeling. He's definitely growing and even though he's very wild he can also be very cute and attentive!

I had to explain to him to be careful because of all the cacti around. I was scared he would hurt himself but he was actually surprisingly very careful.

^ I got to wear my new shorts and I absolutely love it! I think it's gonna be one of my favorite pieces to wear this summer. I just got it and feel like I want to wear it everyday...^ 

Mason had to make me forgive him for the awful night he made us go through that day...

He kissed me so much I couldn't resist him! It's his new thing to kiss me super hard... I totally melt!

I had to play around and take some pics. It's not everyday I get to be in such a surrounding...

I'll definitely be back to Joshua Tree soon. There is so much we didn't see. I can't wait to explore more!

My outfit
Top: H&M
Shorts: BCBG Maxazria
Shoes: Chanel

Mason's outfit
Top: Bobochoses
Pants: Tiny Cottons
Shoes: H&M