Mommy and me matching outfit - Casual in Jeans

I've always had a thing for torn jeans! The more ripped the better... The only problem is that I found it hard to find so when I love one I keep wearing it over and over until they're ruined... I've been wearing these blue jeans for quite some years now! I bought them back in France before I even met my husband, so these jeans traveled a lot and have been through a lot...

Casual Sundays are probably one of my favorite things to do! First because my husband is not working and second because we spend some quality family time.

I do a lot of repetitive things during the week so we usually try to change things up and go to different places! This weekend we went to Echo Park Lake, which was pretty fun.

Mason got to run freely around the lake and enjoyed watching the wild life!

We saw many fish, turtles and ducks!

And we stayed true to our silly selves...

But the best part of it was to feed the ducks! I'm not sure it was allowed because we literally were the only ones doing it. Maybe because no one else is into it or as crazy as I am...

I grew up in the countryside of France, surrounded by many many different animals. Not much scares me and I'm usually very attracted to connecting with animals!

I want Mason to be familiar with it and enjoy connecting with such wonderful creatures... Ducks are so much fun and being able to see them so closely brought me back to my childhood for a little bit. I was so proud of Mason! He got into it right away and wasn't scared at all.

 I even had to stop him because he started chasing them and wanted to hug them. Cute but not quite possible!

Toddlers are so observant and I love that he actually listens so well to what I explain to him. He really watched closely to every single one of my movements...

I wanted to take him on a little boat ride but he was too wild to stay put so we figured it was best to let him run around... while he was running wild, I took some poses :)

This park was fun but dirty! I like the view of downtown Los Angeles from it. It reminded me a bit of New York.

I'm wearing the softest top I have with one of my favorite torn jeans and the absolute best espadrilles. White isn't the best to wear no matter where you go but they are so irresistible - I can't just leave them in my closet!

And on a lazy day when I don't want to take the time to wash my hair like these days, I just put a bit of dry shampoo and put them in a quick ponytail with my curls from the day before... Always works out ok.

It was a grey but pretty day and we loved the little experience...

My outfit
Top: Forever 21
Jeans: Replay

Shoes: Chanel
Bag: The Honest Company

Mason's outfit
Top: Tiny Cottons
Jeans: Zara kids
Shoes: Gap