Plane day at Santa Monica Airport

This weekend at Santa Monica Airport, pilots volunteered to open their planes to public for kids to see them up close and to sit in them! When I heard about the event I registered Mason right away knowing it would be like heaven for him.

We got there about 20 min early and I was shocked when I saw the length of the line! I thought that there was no way Mason would be that patient. Luckily his dad ran around with him for quite some time and our favorite babysitter, the iPhone, helped us a little bit too!

After about an hour of waiting it was our turn to get into a plane!

I let the boys go together and this time it was my turn to be behind the camera. Mason was more into the plane from outside than the inside, probably because he's a bit too young still to understand it all! We, on the other hand, were super happy to take him there...

Since the event, he keep saying "avion" (airplane in French) constantly!

It's so nice that they decided to do that for the kids! It takes time and dedication especially with the amount of people that showed up!
So I just want to thank everyone who volunteered that day to make the kids happy, and the parents too!

We were super close to the track where the airplanes were taking off and we saw quite a few of them! It was loud and impressive and Mason loved it!!!

You can see one taking off on the left here!

Airplanes are very special for us! Without it, my husband and I would never have met, and Mason wouldn't exist... So it's appropriate for him to love them... I can't wait to take him again!