Summery blue & blush floral outfit

It's starting to get warm again in LA and I'm loving it! I can finally wear some light and summery clothes.

I'm usually wearing neutral colors, but sometimes a little bit of color doesn't hurt. I'm more a pastel, or very subtle clothes, kind of person but sometimes I like to wear some brighter colors! Especially during the summer because I feel like it's really beautiful and who doesn't want to feel and look good?!...

Everyone who knows me knows that I love flowers... a lot!!! Real ones, and even printed on clothes or jewelry - I'll take them in any form I can find!

I usually try to wear only two colors at a time. I usually never use more than three because I feel like it's too much. Today's shades are light pink and blue!

Before having a baby I used to wear high heels all day everyday and now I wear them mostly for special occasions. First because it's hard to chase a toddler on heels and second because I'm so not used to it anymore. It usually hurts me way faster than it used to. But I promise myself to try to wear some more often because it's really pretty and it always makes me feel more beautiful (and tall ah!) which I really don't mind...

I got those beautiful round diamond studs in my last Rocksbox and I love them. They are super pretty and easy to wear with a lot of things. They always get it right and send me pieces I could use everyday! Don't forget to use the code "myloveandbeyondxoxo" for your first month FREE!!!