Mommy and me matching outfit - Shades of beige at the amusement

Yesterday was quite fun! Anthony's work privatized the amusement park at the Santa Monica Pier for the day and we had access to all the rides and games. We took Mason there before but besides the carrousel he was still a little bit too young to do anything.

It was the perfect occasion to try everything. Unfortunately Mason wasn't in his best mood so we had quite some tears through the day but we still try to make him have some fun. It's always hard to do things and have some fun when he's teething and cranky.

Growing up I was addicted to amusements parks.  I remember asking my parents to go all the time! I hope Mason will really like it one day too...

There's some kind of games he's used to play on the phone and this time he could do it in real. It was funny to watch because he knew right away the point of the game! But he's much better at it on a screen than in real life.

We had access to so many kind of junk food Mason was in heaven. I usually don't let him eat too much of these kind of stuff but today was a special day so I didn't look at what he was eating and let him have fun! The kid loves popcorn!

We played a few games and there was a big lion I really wanted to win for Mason so we decided to play together with Anthony so we would have more chances. Anthony got it and made me soo happy! Now Mason wants to sleep with the lion and I'm fighting with him because he's way too big to stay in his crib....

I got some cotton candy for myself. I've always loved it but I can't eat too much of it! My skin reacts very badly when I consume too much sugar. Once a year isn't bad so I let myself have some. Mason wanted to try it but when he saw the texture he didn't want any. He found it very weird that I was eating it. His face was sooo funny! In a way it's good, at least it's a little bit less sugar for him.

Instead he got some dippindots which were kind of disgusting and full of bad things! But seriously look at how much he enjoyed it...