National ice cream day - Grey & white matching outfits

We would use any excuse to go out and eat an ice cream! So of course when we heard it was National Ice Cream Day we could not resist.

However, it didn't go according to plan - the ice cream shop we wanted to go to had a huge line and probably a 30 minutes wait - and who would wait that long with a toddler who's already super excited and impatient to get his ice cream!

It took me a long time to find cute and comfortable sandals for Mason! His feet are so chubby it's always been a challenge. We love love love these sandals and they come in a lot of different colors, and right now like a lots of things they are on sale! To shop them click below... Oh and did I mention how great they smell?!

Just after Mason woke up from his nap we told him what we were gonna do, and he was immediately set on pink ice cream. So pink it was, no matter what. The only pink they had at the store was a watermelon sorbet which to me tasted horrible! I was dead sure Mason wasn't gonna like it and I was gonna have to switch mine with him. But I was happily wrong! He LOVED it and actually hated mine - I had a lemon sorbet and I'm sure it was too acidic for him!

They gave him a spoon to try before buying it. He kept it and decided to eat his entire cone properly with the spoon. I didn't even have to wipe his mouth after - that's how clean he was! And for a 2 years old I think it's pretty amazing...

I couldn't get enough of the sun. It was late in the afternoon and it wasn't crazy hot! The sun was right on us and I was in heaven. We had an ice cream on a pretty busy street but the only think I could think of was to have a piña colada on the beach in a remote place... I think I'm dreaming of a little vacation!

Every single time Mason has an ice cream outside he becomes the attraction on the street. So many people stop and stare at him because he's too cute! Maybe slightly less now that he eats only one. Yes he got over his freaky stage of needing one in each hand... Yay to that!

We found a beautiful street art wall at the end of our walk. It was made with a bunch of hearts and I obviously had to take a pic with Mase. He's been teething like crazy for a few days and sucking his thumb a lot which makes him look a little bit more like a baby to me so I have to say that I love it!

That's how he looks when I try to take a selfie with him! He's like, "mom I'm so over it..." ;)

If you follow me you can probably tell that I'm obsessed with these sunglasses. They just go with everything and the tortoise shell color they have is just sooo pretty. I've got quite a few messages asking me where I got them, so I linked to them below!
I also have to say that these shorts are on sale right now so you shouldn't hesitate to get them. They come in white or in black! They are so comfy and the lace is really really pretty and feminine.