Pretty in pink

Lots of pink in this one but who doesn't like pink! I think I could wear blush pink everyday. It's pretty, works for every season and is so easy to wear.

By wearing this outfit I just realized how my purse and my skirt matches perfectly! I'm always trying to mix and match but I don't think I could have done it better than these two together!

I've had this necklace for a long time but never got to wear it often. I've always been attracted to jewelry but always thought it wasn't me. I've been working with a few jewelry brands lately and I think wearing them is growing on me. Now I barely step a foot out the door without wearing a piece of sparkle and I love it!
I mean it makes every simple outfit pop so much more!

^^ Can I say how much I hate my baby hair that doesn't grow back?! I mean seriously they ruin all my hairstyles :( ^^
If any of you have tips on how to manage them, please share it with me!