Getty Museum

We've been leaving in Los Angeles now for almost two years and I have to admit that we never took the time to visit the Getty Museum! Well I'm happy to say that we now did! At least the gardens. Mason totally refused to put a foot inside so we actually didn't see anything pieces of art. Maybe next time! He's such an outdoor boy and loves to run wildly and freely...

It's such a huge property and it's absolutely beautiful! I wasn't sure about going during a weekend because of the crowd. It's so big that even if it's packed you can never feel like there is too many people.

Mason found the little bit of water there was. He of course had to play with it and it didn't take long before he asked me to remove his shoes to go play in it!

Which obviously wasn't allowed! I still let him try it but it took probably about a minute before a security guy came to tell him to go away ahah!

It's funny to see how he behaves when someone other than us tell him no. With us he always throw huge tantrums while when a stranger says something than he's like whatever! He even gave us a thumbs up because he was happy to at least have tried to go in it...

Of course no day can be spent without Mason having an ice cream! If you follow us on instagram you probably saw a live video of it!!!

We finished our visit with a never ending playtime with his monster truck. They use to have water running through that area but because of the drought they turned the water off. Mason found it absolutely perfect to play and he wouldn't stop. It was way past his nap time but was in a very good mood. Also in between he had to remove his shirt because it was wet after drinking some water! He already knows so well what he wants and there is no way around it.