Malibu's sunset fun

We moved to Los Angeles almost two years ago and it took Mason quite a while to get used to the beach. The very first time we took him there he cried so much as soon as he touch the sand. It was so sad and so funny at the same time! He then got used to it but didn't approach the water for a very long time, I even started thinking he would never really appreciate it until one day and now he's obsessed! I love when we drive close to the water, as soon as he sees the ocean he screams "beach" and will try to get out of his car seat because he wants to go so badly... We try to go at the very least once a week and try as much as we can to go to different places. We are so lucky to have the ocean and such beautiful beaches as our kind of backyard...

^^ That's Mason's face when he sees the waves coming at him ahah ^^