New York - Overall outfit

After being gone for almost 2 years we finally came back to New York for a quick visit! It's funny to see how much we can forget. Our life is LA is so different and we actually underestimate the quality of it sometimes. However it's so much fun to step back with Mason on all the streets we used to go when he was either in my belly or in my arms...

 As a baby I used to carry him around NY in this carrier and he used to look so tiny in it! I haven't used it since quite some time and we actually didn't bring our stroller knowing how difficult it would be in the subway. Probably the worst idea ever because first he actually I think outgrew it - I mean look at how big he's and you can't feel the weight but gosh he's not a feather! and second it's actually not that comfortable for him either! So I just enjoyed it for a little but we quickly find a store to buy a stroller!

At least it gave me the chance to get a few hugs!

The first of Many cars we bought him while here.

 I tried to pack small and bring only comfortable clothes for NY! Overall are my to go perfect outfit! That one especially because it's so comfortable and stretchy.


 We ended our day by watching the sunset in Brooklyn Heights and then left Mason with his grand parents so we could celebrate our wedding anniversary just the two of us! I wasn't very comfortable leaving Mason with then since he doesn't know them very well but he surprisingly loved it and so did we! Date nights are so important and even more while on vacation...