Dreamy sunset - Bondi Beach Baby

Another day, another beach... There is plenty of options around us and we like to change it often! We can go every single night the sunset is never the same but it's always as magical!
It's getting more challenging as I have to chase Mason more and more but there isn't a better place than the beach to let him run freely and spend all his crazy energy.

I always pack very light when I go to the beach. Maybe because I'm not very well organize but also because I don't like carrying heavy stuff everywhere. So for Mason I never use anything else than a swaddle to dry him out, keep him warm and comfy or even remove all the sand on his body when it's time to leave. I actually use my swaddles way more now he's a toddler than when he was a baby. We just got some from Bondi Beach Baby and we are in love with them!!! They are 100 % organic cotton muslin but also and most importantly to me they look so good.