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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Colorado - Part 1

I've been super busy since we came back but I finally found some time to post pictures from our beautiful weekend in Colorado. Living in Los Angeles, we have so many different sceneries around but the weather never really gets cold! When we had the opportunity to go to Colorado for the weekend I didn't think about what to do or what we would see. Instead, I was excited about wearing some wintery clothes for a little bit!

When Mason saw some water his first reflex was to go step right in it. I was close enough to stop him because he's so used to the ocean he would have go fully in it I'm sure, no matter how cold it was...

This place was seriously so beautiful it's leaving me speechless...

Try to tell a toddler who has never worn a coat as long as he can remember to wear one and you'll see that it's quite challenging. At least it was with this little very opinionated monster!!!  We were finally able to put it on him... for maybe 10 minutes!

We were staying at Copper Mountain and found this amazing spot on our way to Aspen. If I ever go back to Colorado I'll make sure to go there again! It was my favorite time of our entire little stay.