Trip to France - Part 1

The last time we were in France was just before we moved to Los Angeles, which was a little bit over two years ago. Time flies - Mason grows up and we get older, so with my spontaneous temper, I decided it was about time to go back. We booked our tickets just ten days before we left. We had pretty much no time to prepare but we were all excited - I mean Anthony and I were at least. Mason had no clue what was happening! The journey to get there is probably - with the jet lag - the least fun part. It took us about 20 hours to travel from our home to my parents' house. And what a journey! Mason was overall easy. He lost it for only the last hour of the drive to my parents, but that was understandable knowing all he went through. I was so super proud of him, and of us too, because it's not easy for anyone!
My Mom visited us in LA a few times since we lived here, but my Dad can't travel, so seeing him again after all that time was wonderful. Even more, seeing him with Mason was the best. There is pretty much nothing to do where they live. It's the deep French countryside and besides farms and forests there is pretty much nothing around. The only attraction there was an old castle - so refreshing to see after LA's very new architecture. I just wished it was mine hahah!!! A girl can dream, no?
It was very cold when we were there, and Mason as a good Californian boy had a very hard time dealing with it. He refused for the most part of our time in the countryside to stay outside. So we spent a few days at the local swimming pool were he was feeling at home! It gave my mom the chance to see all his progress and how far he's come swimming-wise! We spent our five first days there, swimming, eating French yummy food and just playing and catching up with all the time we missed sharing together.

Then we left to go spend a few days in Paris! Our first duty there was to find Mason a new coat so he would be warm since we had no choice but to stay outside a lot. After all, Paris has to be enjoyed from the outside since it's such a breathtakingly beautiful city! We went straight to a kid's store and found him this cute coat and mittens to protect his hands since he was complaining a lot about them being very cold. He put up a fight as usual, at first, but I told him they were dinosaurs and we could play with them. He then thought they actually were dinosaurs and since then he never wanted to remove them. Till today he asks everyday to put them on! We played so much while we were in Paris I will forever have the memory of Mason and his dinosaur mittens. Once he was well dressed for this beautiful, but very cold, weather we were ready to enjoy Paris!