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Monday, February 27, 2017

Snow fun - South Lake Tahoe

We took so many pictures in South Lake Tahoe I tried my best to narrow it down but it was difficult. We had so much fun and Mason was so happy there we captured it so many times I kind of want to put as many as I can so I can remember it forever...
We stayed only two nights there but we were in such a nice hotel right on the lake. We went a few times but Mason always tried to go play in the water (such California boy) he didn't really understood his feet were gonna freeze if I let him. Even though he's very used to the beautiful LA weather I think with the weather we had the past few months + our trip to France he definitely got used to be cold and really loved it.
I hope next year we will be able to put him on some ski, I would die to see him try! It's just challenging because I ski pretty well but Anthony doesn't and isn't really that into it. Maybe seeing Mason do it will give him some motivation :)
Till next year this is probably our last pictures in the snow for this season!
I hope you'll enjoy them as much as I do! Xoxo

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Mason's first time sledding - South Lake Tahoe

As far as my memory can go I remember going to the mountain every winter. This is probably one of the biggest memory I have with my grand mother because she was the one taking us with my sisters. I'm very thankful she did it, it gave me some amazing memory and because of it I learned very young to ski. I always thought I was more of a winter person until we started leaving in NY and realized that living in a very cold environment for too long wasn't for me. I absolutely love having a summery weather all year long now but miss the snow a lot. I've been wanting to take Mason there since a while as I would really like him to love the mountains and hopefully learn to ski or surf. My husband surprised us with this little week-end getaway in South Lake Tahoe. I've always wanted to go there, especially during the winter. It always appeared to me to be the perfect winter wonderland but the drive is kind of long and we weren't sure we could do it with Mason. I'm so glad we did! We drove half the distance by night and stopped a few hours to sleep before hitting the mountains and snowy roads early in the following morning. We thought driving at night would be easier because Mason would sleep but it didn't really go according to plan. He was still very good and easy so I won't complain too much.
We took Mason in Colorado a few months ago and he absolutely hated it! I think it was too cold, the elevation was way to high and maybe he was still a bit too young to understand. This time I was so delighted to see how much he loved it. I did realized that he's not really adventurous but once you push him a little bit he was enjoying it a lot! We took him to a small sledding area and did it over and over. He was so happy, seeing him with the biggest smile on his face made the whole trip already so worth it!