Snow fun - South Lake Tahoe

We took so many pictures in South Lake Tahoe I tried my best to narrow it down but it was difficult. We had so much fun and Mason was so happy there we captured it so many times I kind of want to put as many as I can so I can remember it forever...
We stayed only two nights there but we were in such a nice hotel right on the lake. We went a few times but Mason always tried to go play in the water (such California boy) he didn't really understood his feet were gonna freeze if I let him. Even though he's very used to the beautiful LA weather I think with the weather we had the past few months + our trip to France he definitely got used to be cold and really loved it.
I hope next year we will be able to put him on some ski, I would die to see him try! It's just challenging because I ski pretty well but Anthony doesn't and isn't really that into it. Maybe seeing Mason do it will give him some motivation :)
Till next year this is probably our last pictures in the snow for this season!
I hope you'll enjoy them as much as I do! Xoxo