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Monday, March 27, 2017

50 shades of brown

Starting the week with some Spring shades! The sun is back and so is my smile. Today I'm featuring some ruffles, which I used to wear a lot a few years ago and it seems to make it's way back so I couldn't pass on it. This top is currently on sale for less than $20 so if I were you I wouldn't pass on it. Ruffles are super pretty, sexy and so easy to wear with many things, dressy or more comfortable with just a simple jean for example. I chose to wear it with a tight skirt - my all time favorite - I have it in so many colors. It's made with a fabric that tighten everything and make you look so good without forgetting to mention it's super comfy. You can shop this look below and what a better way to start the week then doing a little bit of shopping. Happy Monday girls, I hope you have or had an amazing day, depending on where in the world you are...

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Flowers and bow

Spring is around the corner but in Los Angeles it feels like it's already here. I'm not gonna lie I'm so happy about it! I'm so excited to have warmer days and be able to dress lighter. So to celebrate here's a look featuring one of my favorite dress in my closet.  I have it since a long time so chances you can shop it are very low but I linked a few similar and pretty ones for this Spring. Shop them at the end of this post! And those shoes, they are so precious to me because they are the shoes I got married in. I don't wear them super often but every time I have the occasion I do, especially on date nights with the one and only love of my life! Link for them and other goodies below too. Have fun shopping lovelies...

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Boho feathery white

I'm Obsessed with this skirt! I always love to have some piece in my closet that stands out and are different than what you usually see and this pretty, soft feathery skirt definitely is special. I was scared when I bought it that I wouldn't be able to seat with it without breaking or folding some feathers. Or I thought I would have to be extra careful but so far it really stayed in shape. I could wear any shades of white and beige all day everyday but it's not really possible when you have a toddler around most of the time so I try to wear them when I'm kid free.
This time I styled it with different shades of brown accessories. I think it worked out pretty, what do you all think?!

I never thought choker would look great on me but I'm surprisingly really loving this pretty necklace from Reveuse. To get the one I'm wearing use this link - Reveuse Creatrice de Bijoux - and it's soooo inexpensive you really shouldn't pass on it!!!

Monday, March 6, 2017

Huntington garden - stripes matching outfit

It's been a while since I wanted to go visit the Huntington garden in Pasadena. Cherry blossom season gave me the excuse to go now! I think it was also a great time to go since I'm pretty sure it gets crazy hot during the summer there. If you want to feel like you're traveling without having to take hour flights look no further this is the place to go! I was amazed by the quality of the Japanese and Chinese gardens, it really felt like we weren't in LA anymore. They even have different restaurants in each garden so you can really immerse and feel like you're somewhere else. This place was perfect for Mason, first and most important of all he could run freely and safely, observe Koi fish, play with water, they even had some activity for kids like make Chinese paper lanterns or masks! We had difficulty parking when we arrived so I was scared the place was gonna be packed but it's so big you don't really feel it. Which was great because i'm not a big fan of crowd. We probably spent a little bit over 3 hours there - Mason's never really patient and can never stay in the same place for too long without turning like an evil monster - so we didn't have enough time to see it all but I guess we will have to go back another time to finish the visit. Until then here are some pictures we took there and they should give you a great idea of how the gardens look like. Definitely a must if you live or are visiting the LA area.

You can shop Mason's top here Mini & Moi and for the rest of it here