Boho feathery white

I'm Obsessed with this skirt! I always love to have some piece in my closet that stands out and are different than what you usually see and this pretty, soft feathery skirt definitely is special. I was scared when I bought it that I wouldn't be able to seat with it without breaking or folding some feathers. Or I thought I would have to be extra careful but so far it really stayed in shape. I could wear any shades of white and beige all day everyday but it's not really possible when you have a toddler around most of the time so I try to wear them when I'm kid free.
This time I styled it with different shades of brown accessories. I think it worked out pretty, what do you all think?!

I never thought choker would look great on me but I'm surprisingly really loving this pretty necklace from Reveuse. To get the one I'm wearing use this link - Reveuse Creatrice de Bijoux - and it's soooo inexpensive you really shouldn't pass on it!!!