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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Dressy & Sexy All Navy Blue

Today I'm featuring a pretty navy blue dress from this week-end night time out! I used to wear high heels all the time before Mason's time and now that I can't wear them as often as I would like to, whenever we have an "adult" only night you can be sure to see me wear some. With this dress it's so easy, you can make it sexier with heels or just a beautiful day time dress with some ballerina or flat sandal. It's so comfy and I feel always pretty in it! Perfect for mid season weather. It's sold out but I listed below some similar ones, shop them while they last!



Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Palm Springs - Sunset Balloons

A couple month ago I wanted to do a sunset photoshoot with lots of balloons on the beach for my birthday but the weather turned out too cold so I wasn't able to do it. We went to Palm Springs to celebrate Mason's birthday and who says birthday says balloons!!! The biggest problem with his balloons was to transport them. I mean they were supper big, they didn't all fit in our car and I don't know if you tried to drive with balloons out of your car but it's barely impossible. I bought them online and filled them up with white feathers - which we totally don't see with this light but it was super pretty - and we went to the closest party city to get them filled with helium. We only had a short 15 min drive who felt like the longest drive of my life seriously. I had to hold on to the balloons with my entire body through our open ceiling and it was quite challenging/hilarious! It's during those moments I feel thankful to workout and have strong arms otherwise I would have probably let them go... At the end we just laughed it out and now it's just a great memory, ok also a lesson's learned!
So after all that trouble I had no choice but making great use out of the balloons and throw a little sunset balloons photoshoot like I wanted to since a little while. Well knowing how difficult it was to transport them I had no choice but stay in the hotel surroundings to do it but seriously our hotel was so pretty I really didn't mind.
We stayed at the Ace Hotel and I highly recommend it to any of you if you're going to Palm Springs any time soon. I didn't have anything negative to say about it and my husband could tell you how picky I am and how I love to complain ahah :)

I think I definitely still want to do a sunset balloons photoshoot on the beach but I'll have to find a delivering service for the balloons this time ah! Stay tuned it might happen... 'Till then thanks for reading me!



Thursday, April 13, 2017

Moorten Botanical Garden and Cactarium

We couldn't go to Palm Springs and not stop by Moorten Botanical Garden again. We went last year and kept great memories from it and it didn't disappoint this time again. Mason loved running around - even though we had to be very careful with all the cactus around! He did hurt himself once after his dad made him touch one! Why in the world are dads always making them do the stupidest thing ahah! But he did survive it and learned his lesson though - I think they both did.
It was boiling hot outside and we pretty much had the entire place for ourselves. Last year my mom was with us and this time we had my sister. I wish we had more time in Palm Springs, we always have so much fun and not enough time to see all we would like to...

 ^ Like mother like son ^