Mason's 3rd birthday

I said it many times but I still can't wrap my head around the fact that Mason just turned 3 years old! He's still my baby and I hope he'll forever be. I didn't want to throw him a birthday party and invite people over, for some reason I kind of want to celebrate him by keeping it simple and private. I know soon he'll ask for it and I won't have the choice so this year I wanted to do a little get away and have a little party just the three of us. My mom came the last three years but wasn't able to come this year which made me pretty sad so going away was the best way for me to celebrate his birthday. Well we ended up having a fourth person since my husband surprised me by flying my sister in last Friday. It was the best surprise for me! I was so happy to see her here and knowing she would share this important day with us.
I already planned everything, luckily we had a big bedroom so it was easy to have her come along with us! It was also nice to have some help to set everything up! It was quite and adventure, I'll post many part of our trip soon but for now here are the pics of Mason's 3rd birthday with a little party animals theme. We weren't suppose to buy him a lot of toys as he has so many already but couldn't help and got him again way too many things! But it was fun and Mason had a blast!