Palm Springs - Sunset Balloons

A couple month ago I wanted to do a sunset photoshoot with lots of balloons on the beach for my birthday but the weather turned out too cold so I wasn't able to do it. We went to Palm Springs to celebrate Mason's birthday and who says birthday says balloons!!! The biggest problem with his balloons was to transport them. I mean they were supper big, they didn't all fit in our car and I don't know if you tried to drive with balloons out of your car but it's barely impossible. I bought them online and filled them up with white feathers - which we totally don't see with this light but it was super pretty - and we went to the closest party city to get them filled with helium. We only had a short 15 min drive who felt like the longest drive of my life seriously. I had to hold on to the balloons with my entire body through our open ceiling and it was quite challenging/hilarious! It's during those moments I feel thankful to workout and have strong arms otherwise I would have probably let them go... At the end we just laughed it out and now it's just a great memory, ok also a lesson's learned!
So after all that trouble I had no choice but making great use out of the balloons and throw a little sunset balloons photoshoot like I wanted to since a little while. Well knowing how difficult it was to transport them I had no choice but stay in the hotel surroundings to do it but seriously our hotel was so pretty I really didn't mind.
We stayed at the Ace Hotel and I highly recommend it to any of you if you're going to Palm Springs any time soon. I didn't have anything negative to say about it and my husband could tell you how picky I am and how I love to complain ahah :)

I think I definitely still want to do a sunset balloons photoshoot on the beach but I'll have to find a delivering service for the balloons this time ah! Stay tuned it might happen... 'Till then thanks for reading me!