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Friday, May 26, 2017

Father's day / Parabopress

For Anthony's first Father's day, Mason was just a few weeks old and I did a cute little photoshoot to make him a frame for his desk at work. Since then it kind of became a tradition and I do something with pictures to replace the old ones. This year I used Parabo Press to print some of my favorite pictures from the last few months. Anthony changed desk recently and has been asking me to make him something special so what better occasion than Father's day to do it.

I printed a bunch of square prints to make a collage. Kind of the same one we have in our house and you probably see often in my pics.

You can get a free set with free shipping using the code BYOND at Parabo Press

Square prints are always great and easy to do something with but I wanted to get Anthony something else. Parabo Press has so many different options and it was hard to choose. I chose to make two different Masterpix Glass Print that came out so pretty. I love them so much I kind of want to keep them for our home now.

And the last one is a Metal Print which looked a little more manly to me. You can make it in two different sizes and i went with the 8" one. So happy with the result! This pic of Mason and Anthony in front of the Eiffel Tower is so special to us we needed to have it printed. I can't wait for Anthony to get them and being able to look at them every single day while he's at work!

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Prettiest pink white outfit

I feel like I'm always wearing the same color palette lately but I never have enough of it. I used to wear all black all the time but since I'm leaving in LA, in such bright summery weather pretty much all year long I've been getting so much into lighter shades. I have to be honest, white skirt aren't the friendliest outfit when you have a kid but damn they look and feel so good. I'm obsessed with this outfit, simple, sexy and so pretty. I've listed a bunch of similar item if you want a similar look!
Happy shopping :)