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Monday, September 25, 2017

Griffith Observatory Hike

Hiking in LA is a must do but for us it's a one in a million time activity. Mostly because I have no trust in my wild child who could I'm sure run easily off of the cliff. I'm so scared of him running wild that I always chose not to go. Well we finally decided to give it a try the other day and to my surprise he was actually very good. Maybe because it was so hot he couldn't run. Since we never really did many hikes we still have so much to discover in Los Angeles and we did for the first time the very easy trail that starts at the Griffith Observatory. We saw lalaland like never before and it was stunning! Highly recommend especially with a toddler. It was easy and not too long and the views were probably one of the best!



Tuesday, September 12, 2017

5 year anniversary gift - JORD wood watches

6 years ago I met my now husband and 5 years ago I married him. So yes, it is our 5 year anniversary this month - woohoo let's celebrate! In France we call the 5th wedding anniversary "nuptials of wood" were you're supposed to give your spouse a gift made out of wood. A few month after we met and while we were still living far away from each other, on two different time zones, I got Anthony a watch. It was a special one because it had two dials for each of our time zones. One was set to his time in San Francisco, and another for my time, in Paris. So he could always know what time it was for me without having to calculate 9 hours ahead.

When I found out about these unique JORD wood watches I felt like it was meant to be. And I have to be honest with you, at first I wasn't so sure about them and thought they would be too heavy. But they're really super pretty and light. Everything about the watch is made to perfection - from the packaging to the details of the wood. I loved that I could adjust the wrist band to make it fit perfectly.

I wanted to get two different models for us but still wanted them to match as much as possible. I got the model HYDE in Walnut & Black for Anthony and the model FRANKIE in Dark Sandalwood & Smoke for myself. I now love that we have matching watches. And I love that we are now on the same time zone and don't need two dials - I mean life is really much easier and fun that way! ;)

Oh and a small detail but kind of important to me - I never really thought about it before but wood surprisingly matches with lots of colors. So I'm gonna be able to mix and match it with a lot of outfits. Big bonus point!
They are the perfect gift so if you want to make someone else, or yourself, happy just go shop them at JORD. There are lots of options for everyone's taste.

I'm also doing a giveaway on my Instagram soon, so if you want a sweet deal stay tuned! Till then have fun shopping.


Friday, September 8, 2017

Sweet dreams are made of these - Sugarfina

If I had sweet dreams I wish I'd have come up with the same idea as Sugarfina. As a real French girl, I can't help but love delicate sweets that come in such a pretty box. The first time I discovered Sugarfina was over a year ago. I didn't know what the store was, but the beauty of it attracted me. Even before tasting the candies, the store itself is candy for your eyes. And it really didn't take me long to fall in love with the actual products too.

While speaking about our favorite places to go for sweets with my friend Julia, I told her we should do a photoshoot in a Sugarfina store if they let us. And they did - so here we are playing around in what looks like a little dream come true. First we had a blast doing the photoshoot, because who doesn't like some girl time surrounded by candies? And let's not forget candies made of champagne and rosé! And second, we were so happy because the staff was nice enough to give us a huge Bento Box which I'll review in my next post. I got 9 different flavors that I'll have to tell you all about!  I tried to ask Mason what he thought about them too, but he was too busy eating them all. I guess a mouthful with a smile is probably worth more than words, haha!